Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sinus Sunday

This morning I woke up with a sinus headache. You know the one where your head feels so full that it is about to bust and when you bend over you get woozy? Yeah - that kind! I took some meds and although the headache is gone, the drowsiness is still going full throttle!

I did work on my little chipboard album though. This one is from where I worked on Peds... I found some pretty Pink Cosmo Cricket papers and added some American Crafts Ribbon. The letters were all cut using the Storybook Cricut cartridge and the flower was still from my Platinum Schoolbook!
God Bless You,

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Let the Homework Begin!

I start ethics class in the upcoming week and I am so excited to be continuing the work on my degree. I am sure Abby is going to want to hula hoop on the Wii (which involves me holding her while I hula hoop - we are a sight), so I figured I better post while I have the chance. I am hoping my posting will be returning to more of a regular basis in the upcoming weeks and months. If I made New Year's resolutions, that would be one - but I don't!

As part of my attempt to make Christmas just a little bit more affordable, I made all the gifts for the girls at the school where Gary works. I believe there were 9 in all, so it really helped by cutting down on cost.
Almost all of the journals were covered with paper I already owned. I also used embellishments I already had to bling up the fronts. All the journals were from Micheal's and some even had their initials inside if I was able to find the right initials!

My packaging - well that is nothing other than a brown paper lunch sack with a little bling from the cricut to juice it up! I made the flower from the Platinum Schoolbook Cartridge and added another layer to it fro that POP! There is also a button with some jute for the center!

I hope they enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them! By the way, my breads I showed you earlier in the month were a HUGE hit and I will definitely be doing that again!

Last but not least, I have to share a picture of my sweet little one with you. This is from Christmas morning when she opened her gifts and realized that one of them was a "scrapbook desk" like Mommy's!! We even bought paper, stickers, the whole nine yards to fill it with! She is on cloud nine. I will have to add a pic of her 'scrapping" someday soon!

God Bless You,

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry (day after) Christmas

I truly hope that everyone has had as Merry of a Christmas as we have in our family. The Lord has blessed us abundantly and beyond measure. Needless to say, I am sore all over, especially on my right side and in my abdomen from the Wii - that really is a work out and Abby LOVES it!

I finished my 2 Sketches Cards last night, but did not get to upload until today! I LOVE this layout. My card for the challenge is the first one listed, and below that is an extra that I made from scraps! I love them both and my challenge to myself is to actually send the cards to someone!!

P.S. the sentiment on the bottom card is "The world is your snowball" I think I may send this to Abby so she will have mail to get out of the mailbox!

More projects to come this week! I am so happy to be sharing some new stuff that I am making and more happy that I am finding time to make things! I did a LOT of homemade gifts through Christmas that I didn't even get to take pictures of!

God Bless You,

Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm Back!

It feels like I have not blogged in forever! If you were a regular, I hope that you have not given up during the time that I was away...

I have been rather busy, just as everyone else is at this time of year. Add school on top of that and you have a real tight schedule. I did my 2 Sketches Challenge last week, but did not get time to upload it :( I was really tickled with it, too! I also lost the lens cap to my Canon 40D, so I have been leaving it sitting - not wanting to use it with nothing to protect the lens - a new cap is now on it's way though!

Here is my 2 Sketches Card for this week:

I found these little snowman stickers at Wal-Mart and just had to have them! The rest of the paper is all from the Basic Grey figgy pudding collection. It is all scraps from making Abby's Advent Calender!

I start a new job on the Monday after Christmas and am very excited about it! Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers!

God Bless You,

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Sunday

Oh, if I could have only posted this earlier! Anyways - this is my interpretation of the 2S4U card challenge for this past week. I know that it is a little late, but I had misplaced (thought I lost) my cord to upload pics from my camera and we had some Internet issues.

We had a wonderful little trip to Tennessee and we are so blessed that we were not among the many accidents that happened . The Lord was truly with us as He always is.

My card uses a lot of things I had just sitting around waiting to be used. A prima flower, but little old button and some jute and a K&Co sticker. The paper is some scrap I had and the pink ribbon is from American Crafts.
Sorry my posting has been sketchy at best - I had a big assignment in my nursing theory class and have not had a chance to create as much as I would like! This upcoming Saturday is my big cookie swap and Christmas at Gary's grandmother's house! Busy Busy Busy!

God Bless You,

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Joy!

Oh joy - I am working nightshift tonight... It takes a special person to be able to do that all of the time and I am glad someone can and it doesn't have to always be me!

So, no time to share a creation - actually no time to make a creation since I have been gone all day and came home to the answering machine blinking and the hospital on the caller ID - meaning only one thing...can you work tonight? I will - I feel like the Lord would want me to... If only others felt that way...

Here is my cup of Christmas joy that I am sipping while I wait for one of the other nurses to call me back with the definite to come in or not... I first had it at Bob Evans on Black Friday and I am in love!
I guess I technically do have a creation to share - one of our Christmas cards for this year. The template is from Shabby Miss Jenn's... I hope you enjoy!

God Bless You,

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Daily Bread...

I've not had much to post lately, because I have been working on Christmas presents and a lot of that is just making the same thing over and over right now! I am tickled to be doing some homemade for Christmas! What I want to share with you today is how I am giving breads for Christmas. Here is my Apple Bread - I sampled both the bread and the presentation on my mom and dad!! I got the idea for making a wrap from the Paper Crafts Gourmet cookbook, which by the way if you have not gotten - what are you waiting for?
God Bless You,


Yesterday I had a big blog typed out... Yesterday I had the blahs and the eeyores horrible all day long! Abby and I had a rough day together - one that made me feel the the most awful mommy ever! Snuggling up to her last night made it better though! Thank GOD today was a new day and HE has made things better!

Here is my submission for this weeks challenge at 2 Sketches... I did NOT intend on this being a Christmas card, but...I guess you can see what it turned out to be! Love that cuttlebug folder Swiss dots and some Maya Road chipboard covered in CTMH ink! The bling, why that would be the after Valentine's Day special from Wal-Mart a couple of years back and the stamp is from my favorite - PaperTreyInk! And yes - that is a piece from my Willow Tree Nativity helping the card stand up!

Five things I am Thankful For:
GOD - oh boy - I could go on about my LORD all day! He is soo good!
FAMILY - my world revolves around my husband, little girl, and my parents!
Christian Family - there is nothing like a good brother or sister in the Lord to rejoice with you and help you pray, or be there in more difficult times too
HOME - nice warm home in this cold season
WORK - in tough econnomic times it is a blessing to have a job!


God Bless You,

Sunday, November 23, 2008

25 Days of Christmas

Oh I just love this idea! I find Christmas a hard thing to scrapbook... Here I have this little girl who I love to dress in pink, pink, and pink and lo and behold most Christmas colors are red and green! Now nothing against the red and green, I love it, but sometimes we clash. Sometimes it is hard for me to come up with a good layout because there are 900 items in each pictures and people ever which way. Enter the wonderful 25 days of Christmas album.

Now if you want to see how the 25 days of Christmas album is really supposed to look, hop on over to Ali Edwards blog and she will show you how it is done. For now, you have mine to look at! I am so excited at the idea of snapping a picture daily to stick in here and write a couple of lines about. I even left some extra pages in the back because I know I will want to add extra of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! All products except the acrylic album are by cosmo cricut! The second pictures is an idea of how I did the inner pages! (This is a 6x6 album).

God Bless You,

Friday, November 21, 2008

Something for Me

As I sat upstairs working on Christmas tasks the other day, my husband hit me with a question - "What do you do for yourself?" Uh, lots...right? That was my initial response, but when we talked about it more, he wanted to know what I really did for just me... I feel very blessed in knowing that I have a husband that cares so much, but really - that is a hard one!

So, I took a break from working on Christmas gifts for others, scrapbooking for Abby, and homework to make this:

It is really a recipe holder, but I am going to fill it with Bible Verses. I love having my encouraging word for the day from KLove Radio and I think as I collect them, I am going to place my favorites right in here for safe keeping. The candy is covered with scraps of paper and is placed in the box jumbled because sometimes that's how life is, and it reminds me that we have the Lord to unjumble our lives if we only trust in Him! As most of you know, either from knowing me personally or reading my blog, I am trying to fulfill my dream of becoming a diabetic nurse educator/practitioner, and it is hard! There have already been obstacles thrown in my path that if I didn't have the Lord to trust in, I would have given up - however I will press on and "run with patience the race that is set before me." (P.S. I just found out yesterday that I got an A in my last class!)
God Bless You,

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who Me?!

I am so blessed - today has been a wonderful day! WOW! It seems as if I have a LOT to post today!!

First of all, I received my copy of Paper Crafts Gourmet in the mail yesterday and oh my goodness! All I know to say is order it, order it, order it! I was so surprised when it came and I can't believe that I won such a fabulous prize! Tonight we are trying the Minestrone Soup with Parmesan Crumble found on page 155. Although I have not tasted it yet, the aroma has my house smelling wonderful!

Next, I have had the incredible honor of receiving this award from Sherri at Roses in My Heart (
As I understand, part of receiving the award is that I am allowed to pass the award on to five bloggers of my choosing. I would like to pass this to:
Okay, now I can't tell you how hard that was to narrow it down to 5! I have so many favorites that are on my "visit daily" to do! (P.S. Bonnie & T - you would have sooo been on my list, but I was sure someone else would chose you ;)

Now we go to this - I have NEVER been tagged as a blogger and I just got tagged by Annette at Annette's Paper Bistro ( and here is how this works...
7 Random or Weird Facts About Me:
1. My dream is to be a Diabetic Nurse Educator/Practitioner and I am working on that now!
2. I have a Canon 40D camera and take my little girls pictures myself.
3. I love country/vintage stuff.
4. My Camry is my dream car.
5. I went to the scrapbook store today to get stuff to finish up some Christmas presents.
6. I rarely cook, but LOVE to bake :)
7. I love to plan and am currently looking for the perfect 2009 planner/organizer! any tips?
The 7 blogs I chose to tag are:
2. Sherry @ Season's of Change (
3. Michelle at Mish Mash (
4. Taylor at Taylored Expressions (
5. Pam at Stamping with Serendipity (

Now, if you are still with me - here is my scrappyness for the day! I decided to participate in the CPS card sketch this week! I love it when I have the time to do little extras that make me happy! All the products used on here are the same as what I used on the card for the 2 sketches challenge - in fact, these are the scraps!!

God Bless You,

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


*When I started to post this blog, I realized that I didn't just forget to add the bonus sketch - I forgot to do it all together! If I get a chance this evening, I will try it out and add it to the bottom of this post!*
How appropriate that the embellishment I chose for the front of my card is about time since it is something I never seem to have enough of!

(materials used: *SU whisper white C/S *Basic Grey figgy puddy C/S,
*Offray Ribbon, *Making Memories Journaling spot, *Making Memories Metal,
*Cocoa Ink by CTMH, *Flourish by Maya Road)
God Bless You,

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ABBY Chipboard Album

I love making little creations for my little one as keepsakes even though she is quiet to young for them as of yet. On one of our tips to Tennessee this Summer, I picked up these cute little chipboard letters of Abby's name and immediately knew what I wanted to do with them - make ABBY a trick or treat album! I sometimes find that Halloween is hard to scrapbook since she has only been cute little things so far like a duck and eeyore last year! These little covered letters made it so easy to customize with pumpkins, etc, but still have the Halloween feel there!

I know that I have been MIA a lot lately, but I am wrapping up one class at school and starting another one this week! That usually means that things will slow down for a couple of weeks before they pick right back up again and I'll stay busy for another 2 weeks! I became a nurse because both my mom and dad suffer from diabetes and I want to be able to do something to help. I currently work on the Pediatric Unit of the hospital where I am employed, but hope that once I finally complete school (years from now), that I can get a job working with diabetes patients.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I can't explain to you how lucky I am to have my wonderful little Abby in my life! These pictures were taken near St. Patricks day because of the little shirt that I got her from Old Navy. The hat - well that belongs to her beloved Pap and she loves to play with it!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Quick Christmas Card

First off - GO VOTE! NOW!

I absoluteley love the Bazzill In Stitch line of products! I have all of the templates that I have currently been able to find and the trees on this card are from one of the latest sets I found! The mittens are stamps from my new Paper Trey Ink goodies from last months release. The cold is upon us and I am definately feeling Christmas more and more!
Short one today - sorry!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Children are a Gift...

I have been so into the card making and creations aspect lately that I have let the scrapbooking slip somewhat! What better day than today to share a scrapbook page of my little one. She truly is my gift from God and lets me know what love really is. I have very much enjoyed my couple of days off from work with her, I dread seeing it end, but have wonderful memories of these past days to last me until next time we can do it again!
I used many different items on this page and am not sure of any of the vendors. It was mostly just things I placed together from piles of stuff rather than planned out and coordinated.
I have been working on homework since we arrived home from church, so she did not have the opportunity to jump in front of the camera today - I'm sure she will again soon though.
Happy Scrapping!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

2S4U - Happy Fall

I have enjoyed a wonderful fall day with my husband and daughter. It is not very often that we are able to spend a day together at home without having to rush off here or there! We enjoyed playing outside together and I sat and relished in how blessed I am as the two of them took a nap in the family room while I sat here in my scrapbook room and played away.
Since it has been a rather peaceful day, I decided to play along with the 2 Sketches 4 U and do BOTH the challenges! When I saw the first challenge I immediately knew what embellishment I wanted to use - the new Prima bling as well as the cardstock, some scraps of Daisy D's that I have left from a chipboard album I am working on. Add these with the Long Time Friend stamp that SU! had a couple of years back and you see what I ended up with. The ribbon is from a large box of American Crafts ribbons I purchased from QVC a while back and just busted into today. The image is colored in with copic markers!

The bonus card is almost always my favorite and the only one I usually do. When I saw this bonus sketch, I knew immediately what I wanted to do. I started off with brown for my base which I often do, then built upon it with more scraps from the Daisy D's pile. The primas are part of a bottle of green that I just *had to have* and have barely used in the 2+ years I since I purchased them. Throw in a little jute and add my stamped image and you have it. By the way, my stamped image on this card is one of my favorites. A tractor from my retired SU! Tractor Time set. I saw this set on eBay for 150.00 today and it made me really appreciate already having mine! My tractors are one of my favorite sets and often times a go to when I don't know what else to use. This set lets being country at heart shine through!
Of course when I was photographing my creations, this little cutie wanted to show off!
Have a blessed day and remember to be thankful and relish in the small moments with those you love - including your most loved scrapping supplies ;)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Okay, so the only thing I have to share with you Halloween today is my little cutie in her "cuck" (duck) outfit! Is she not the cutest little Daisy Duck you ever did see? We think so too!

Although it is still Fall, i will tell you, I am getting into the Christmas spirit. If it weren't for the lack of time, I would put all of my Christmas decorations up this weekend! Why, I have already pulled out the Smokey Mountain Christmas CD and have it playing as we speak! The tags I am showing you today are what I am making to go on all of my packages this year. Have you looked at the prices Wal-Mart has on the ones that are anything more than the standard to/from? They are getting outragoues along with everything else! The majority of these tags will be shipped out tomorrow for a tag swap that I joined. There is non traditional Christmas colors, Winter Colors, and Traditional Christmas colors. oops, just sitting here I realized that I have failed to remember to stamp the to and from on the back...must do that before mailing! If you were a part of this swap, I truly do hop that you enjoy these tags as this will be the last swap I will be participating in at that particular site for a while unless something changes. I am in school and working on some other projects at the moment...
The next thing I have to share is a little Home Sweet Home card I made! I loved putting this together, because it was all scraps! The little white circle at top is to add a monogramed initial of the recipient!
This little snowflake card didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it too, but I added it just to show that we all make flubs! I do love the snowflake, but the trimming around it aggervates me! I also think I went overboard with the bling! Oopsie!

The monogram card is one of those that really is prettier in person than I could capture on photo! The background is embossed with the new argyle folder from Cuttlebug and the stamp of the monogram is from Autumn Leaves and colored in with a copic marker!

We are treating tonight again! Happy Treating to all!