Wednesday, October 3, 2012

One Direction

For quite some time, my prayers concerning this blog have been about which direction it should take. Should I stop it all together, no longer do the scrappiness and card making but switch over to the other hobbies that I have ventured to, family blog, or dare I say it... Should I follow my heart and tell you, the only answer I know is that this blog is for Him! It always has been, but perhaps by just laying it out there, the flow will seem more natural to you. It's real, it's life. It's what's happening at the moment faith, family, and crafty wise! It's also got to be me acctijg the realization that I am human. Many irons are in various fires at the moment, but God, well He's always been first and always will be. So, I just had to share that. Maybe you needed to hear it, or maybe I did, but whether you we're a reader in the past or just stopping in, stick around, enjoy the ride :o)