Saturday, March 28, 2015

YSL Mascara Product Review

In all actuality, the name of this blog post should be YSL mascara *LOVE* but...

Let's start with product presentation - let's be honest, sometimes it is nice to have a super cute product and the shiney gold tube is awesome!  Honestly, it is easy to find in my bag because it is so different from all of the black that most make up comes packaged up in!  So, there's our first plus!

Next, I love the little click when opening/closing - the YSL logo lines up when completely closed!  No worries of the makeup leaking out onto everything else in my bag...

When I first pulled the wand out I was admittedly a little skepticle.  It all looked like a matted up mess on there and I wondered if it would really deliver.
Then I tried it...
And boy did it ever deliver!
The wonder of the wand is that it captures mascara on it allowing there to be enough on the wand to actually make it on to your lashes!  Great plus it that you don't have to constantly "redip"  The brushes are so close  that they allow great detail of your individual lashes rather than a clumping of many lashes together!

There is a great and quick little video on YouTube by Influenster that shows the zigzag application of mascara for your top lashes!

So, for me - 5 star product YSL!  Keep up the great work!


disclaimer:  I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.  The opinions are solely my own!