Sunday, October 12, 2008

Scrapbook Spot?

Well, I guess that's what I'm going to call it for now. It's not exactly what you would call a room since it does not have a door and only has three walls. It is just a little spot off to the side of my family room the original owners were going to use as a hot tub room. At 7' by 7' - there's not a lot of space, but the worse part of it all was that I was not working with what space I had. Everything was so piled up that I did not know what I had let alone room to work with it.

We spent the entire day yesturday working in here and I am now happy to say that my desk is clear!! I have a table in the back that has misc. items and a cabinet set behind me that holds my sewing machine and other scrapbook tools. I already had two shelves and a rack for stamps and ink pads, but we added another shelf and 2 more three tier racks to the wall - what a difference it made! All of the totes that were just sitting out are now neatly housed under the table and the stuff that was just laying everywhere is becoming closer and closer to being organized. I don't think I will ever have my scrapbook Haven or Santuary so to speak while we are living in this house, but for now - this is wonderfu!

Since I was able to create, I really got all Christmas Spirited and decided to work on some Christmas Cards. Colorbok has a wonderful kit for those of you who either do not want to or have time to do all of their cards the same. The kits are wonderful, although they are probably not intended for those who are more apt to step by step instructions. Colorbok gives you the materials and the room to let your imagination and creativity run wild. This is one of my favorites I did! I will add more as Christmas comes closer!

And as an extra - my dad's birthday is this Friday. Needless to say, being totally girly and having a baby girl, I am awful at making man cards. This week I will share with you my attempts at birthday cards!! Here is the first. Although I love this card and think the cupcake looks delicious - I just don't think it screams dad :p The first pic is a piece of cardstock I cut using the cricut for a template. It is 4 and 1/4 inch if you were wondering... The next picture is of the cupcake I stamped using the Hero Arts cupcake stamp set. I played around with my copic markers around the edges to see which colors would give me the output I desired. Copics are how I color almost all of my stamping creations... The last is the finished product with the icing stickled! The yummy paper is from imaginisce.

I am so happy to have space to create! I had recently invaded the kitchen table and island (which is where my cricut is still sitting), a cabinet at the top of my stairs and a 6' table in the middle of my family room! Now I am able to display my creations on the cabinet at the top of the stairs and Abby has more room to play where the table once sat {although she would rather be in the scrapbook room :) } I think my husband is happier that I am happy, although I will admit, he was the majority of the brute labor! Thanks honey!


  1. great space! I like the wall shelf!


  2. Isn't it great to have a space? I love your sparkly cupcake and totally agree that Copics rock! I love coloring with mine.

  3. The room looks good, your husband must really love you to help fix up a spot for you to crop til you drop...........he does!!
    I love you Mary