Monday, January 19, 2009

Prayers Please...

I don't have anything new to share tonight - I am not sure if I have already posted the two cards that I am posting today or not. I didn't send these this year, but consider them a head start on my cards for next year!
My REAL reason for this post is to ask you to pray for my sweet, sweet brother (in-law) Josh. Joshie is not only my brother in law, but my buddy, too. Growing up without siblings has made me so much closer to him. Anyways - he got his hand hurt in a mining accident today and they think he may lose his ring finger. He is on his way to the hand surgeon now and I wish so much that I could be there with him. I called and talked to my MIL and sent him my love and prayers though! Please remember him in your thoughts and prayers!

God Bless You,


  1. That's awful!!! I send my prayers for him!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your Brother in law, I hope everything is okay. You and your family, expecially your brother in law, are in my thoughts and prayers.