Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wedded Bliss...

I have to tell you, I really love my husband. I am sure there are many people who say that, and I don't doubt that they really mean it, but I really do love mine! You see, being in school full time, plus working full time, with a 2 year old can get pretty hectic at times. When you add that in with how busy we stay doing things with our church, and I often spend Saturdays trying to make up to Abby being so busy during the week...you get the picture! My hubby is very helpful and always reminds me to take care of myself.
I have been trying to work on our wedding scrapbook recently, little-by-little! I would like to have it done by our anniversary next June...or Christmas 2010 at the rate I am going LOL :o) When people first look at the picture on this page they think it is off center, but we really wanted the cross at the center to symbolize Christ as the center of our marriage! The page was made from items I already had in my huge stash that I am trying to dwindle down!
God Bless You,

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  1. that is beautiful! I love the picture and the meaning behind the layout! Jesus at the center of a marriage makes all the difference :)

    btw...check my blog i have a goodie for you :) email me your address :) blessings