Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Oh for the love of Dora! Well, I guess I should clarify, Abby has the love of Dora, I have the love for Abby - thus the reason for a road trip to see Dora Live this past Summer! Did she love it - YES! Did I love it - NO! It started with me getting halfway there and having to turn around and drive back to get my debit card (nope, it wasn't a short trip either), hotel mixed our reservations up, and the show was not worth the money (rude people and seating attendants made it that way). Was it worth it - actually yes! Just seeing the smile on her face made it more than worth it!
It was hard to come up with a page from there though - the bright colors of Dora just don't seem to mix with my normal shabby/vintage/country style! But for my little girl - I'd try anything :o)

God Bless You,

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