Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day #2

Here we are at the second day of the week long blog birthday celebration and getting ready to add something else to the gift box. I do not have anything to share today as far as a creation, because I needed to be working on a research paper last night (that is due in a couple of hours) and did not get to create or work on the paper...ANY!

Needless to say, I must work on the paper now, but I do have time to share goodie number 2!

A bottle of Martha Stewart glitter! (The glue for the glitter will come with this - it's just not in the picture!!) Remember to play, you just have to chose to follow my blog then you may enter daily! I will draw a winner on Monday the 16th! P.S. i know the picture is sideways - - sorry ;)

God Bless You,


  1. Hey Mary, Mary, I sure can use all the candy I can get. I'm very glad that you like your new job. Now go work on your paper!!!! Do I sound like a Mom?

  2. I love Martha glitter, Mary....I agree with Bonnie, get to work on that paper;)

  3. Such pretty blue glitter. Hope you got all of your homework done.

  4. Would love to win some glitter!

  5. I love candy, blog and edible! Beautiful glitter, one can never have enough!