Monday, July 13, 2009

I *heart* this little girl :o) & a Bible lesson...

Good afternoon everyone. Today I wanted to share a Bible lesson with everyone about the Golden Rule. I constantly "preach" this and pray that my actions help to teach this. Many times in the Bible, the Lord tells us and gives us examples of how to and not to treat one another, yet somehow, it often gets so messed up! I think what hurts the most is either when a Christian hurts another Christian due to not obeying this rule or when a Christian hurts a non believer. How hard it is to win someone to Christ when they have been mistreated by a Christian. On the other hand, as Christian brothers and sisters we are supposed to work together for the Lord, to encourage one another, and lift one another up. Sisters, how sad is it that many have let paper-crafting and scrapbooking - a topic that could bring us all together in the Lord closer - become an envying topic and a stumbling block. God truly does give us all unique gifts, and we all function at different levels of our gift, but everyone deserves a fair try. Everyone starts somewhere, all things must have a beginning.

My little book today has sat on top of my old Singer sewing machine in the living room, I guess since I made it last fall. I loved playing in the leaves with Abby, because when she was so little and new is when I was sick and I worried over whether or not I would get to enjoy these little moments with her. God has richly blessed me to not only enjoy it, but photograph it, scrap it, and create a memory to treasure forever. (For some reason when saving the pictures, the second and third page saved as EVERY other page... that's why only pages 1-3 are included today). Perhaps on a day when I need another pick me up, I will share the rest of these serene little treasures - pictures of Abby!

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God Bless You,

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  1. Very beautiful Mary. I've never made a chipboard album but hope to try one day.