Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nope... I didn't disappear!

Just been a little busy with work and life... I'm back now though :o)
Printing on the 12x12 paper! Shortly after the big digi scrapping wave hit, my hubby bought me a Canon printer for some holiday that I can't remember now and told me that if I really got into it, we would sell this one and get the more pricey version. I am sure glad he did not buy that other one to begin with. I have had this printer for YEARS now and have only used it about 5 times 0 if that... So, the other day when I was looking for lettering for this page and nothing on the Cricut was jumping out at me, I decided to start it up and giv it a try :o) I liked how it turned out, but decided to add some stickles around the lettering to really make it P-O-P!
Thanks for stopping by!

God Bless You,


  1. What an adorable layout! Love the idea of the stickles around the lettering!

  2. very cool! Is your printer fit 12x12 paper? How did you do that? What printer is it? Thanks for sharing your page is cute!