Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cookie Tags and Thanking God we made it through Dora!!

We made it through Dora last night!!! Let me tell you, yesterday was a true challenge where the devil was on my back got to a point where I just kept saying "Get thee behind me satan". Isn't it sad how he won't leave us alone and let us be... So many things went "wrong" yesterday, yet they were trivial and were easily fixed, we are so blessed that we were not involved in an accident or anything of a larger nature. I am so glad that Lord was watching out for us!
I didn't get to make anything because of being on the road to see Dora, but here is one of the tags I made for my bags of cookies at the church bake sale! I wish I would have taken a picture of all the bags together in my little basket, they all looked so cute together...

{Stamp is PTI, but I am having a brain block on the name (sorry), ink CTMH, Marvy punch, jute}

God Bless You,

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