Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blog Treat, Paint Tin, and Watermarks!

Trick or Treat Paint Can

- Patterned Paper 4 6/8" x 12" - note: this will note
wrap around the entire can
- Patterned Paper 4 6/8" x 5" - to cover place on can
where other paper was too short to fit
- Quart Sized paint can
- Extra patterned paper to make circle for lid
- Ribbon for handle if a handle is desired
- Various Embellishments
- I just used a Jolee's pumpkin sticks
- Some black gingham ribbon from Wal-Mart
- Orange Paper from Hobby Lobby
- SU alphabet stamps
- SU Basic Black Classic Ink Pad
- Mod Podge

I made this when I thought that I was going to get to meet Karen (SCS:Jusgottastamp), but then we didn't get to go and I was stuck with my can :(

On a side note, if you remember me talking about wanting a watermark, I have some on order from freckledfundesigns... I am hoping to use them mostly on my photography...(I know, ANOTHER new hobby that I am gladly accepting tips on...) especially my pictures of Abby. I am also wanting to order a banner from her for each of my blogs. But, I am unsure as to what I want on them right now...

So, you have an opportunity to win a blog treat from me...

Please help me come up with a tag line to place on my blog banner for the softangelkisses blog (this one... We will work on the banner for the Picked With Love blog for another treat later!)

I know that I want SOFTANGELKISSES to be the main wording, but I would like something cute and witty at the bottom! To enter to win the blog candy - post a comment with something cute that I could use as a tag line and I will use a random number generator to chose a winner on Sunday!

The treat: the stack of coasters you see in the picture with the paint can!!

If you would like to check out Beth's wonderful work, click here:

A "sample" of my fall watermark was sent to me by her and I want to share the sample with you by showing you on a pic of Abby:

Please note: the white background is only there because this is a sample of the one I am going to purchase as soon as she sends me the invoice!! Her finished projects have a transparent background!



  1. Abby is an angel! I want her!

    Tips on photography based on the pic you posted (just casue you asked) watch her hand (I know it's hard with a baby) but the one in front looks bigger then the rest of her body casue it is positioned so far ahead of her body, the top plant on the side I would include all or none of it looks like a random hanging thing that is misplaced and you can't tell where it is coming from. I was taught to try and have a rule of thirds try to have something be a main subject in each third of the photo your first 1/3 is the plant the 2nd 1/3 is Abby but your 3rd 1/3 is naked your "subject" for that part would be a random part of Abby's leg and a piece of a chair. Also watch the positioning of things in the back ground looks like one of the posts and candle holders is "growing out" of the middle of her head and the side of the chair looks like it is growing out of her ear.

  2. This was fun! Here's what I have:

    "Where cherubs craft with love!"

    Cheryl KVD

  3. Love the title of Softanglekisses.
    Here is where came to mind:

    Softanglekisses with wings

    Softanglekisses with a little help from above

    Can't wait to see what you use. Thanks for a chance.

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  5. OOps sorry about the previous post. Too many tabs open and wrong comment for your blog. Blogging hazard. LOL I like softangelkisses guided by Christ. Thanks for the chance!

  6. Jennifer (jkincolorado)October 28, 2007 at 10:42 PM

    "Kissed With Love"

    "Heavenly Home"

    Abby is such a cutie!!! :)

  7. kisses to Abby!!! mwah!! What a sweetie pie!!

    How about "Touches of love from"
    or "Touched with love"

    -Elaine :)

  8. OH, sorry but I thought of more...

    "Whispers of an Angel"
    "Angel loved"
    or "With the stroke of an Angel's wand"

  9. Here is my thought---

    inspired from above, brought to you with love

    Have fun choosing. ;D