Monday, October 29, 2007

Birthday Fun!

Not my birthday or Abby's birthday (although hers will be next in the family), but Gary Joe's 28th!!

All in all, I guess everything went well yesturday. Elmo cake finally got finished. By the way, we had Elmo for cake because Abby has an Elmo fascination right now and she chose the pan! Everyone loved the food, (sorry to Linda, SCS: Spicygingersnap that I didn't take photos of the slipped my mind!) Gary Joe was more than please with his gifts!
Here's me with the ELMO cake:

Gary Joe blowing out the candles:

Now here's Abby with her peice of cake:
I figured this is good practice for her birthday!

Gary Joe was well pleased with the gifts he received, too! From me and Abby came Nike Golf shoes, a UK business card holder, John Deere t-shirt, and a little sign about being a good dad. I would post pics of those, but Abby is being SUPER needy right now and posting pics would require being able to go downstairs and take those pics...
We are so blessed to have each other and to have the chance to spend yesturday with our family! Here's one last, Abby, and I on my stairway:

I just wish Gary would have told me that I was hiding mom's head!


PS. The random number generator chose you Elaine as the winner of the blog treat! Please send me your name and mailing address!!

I hope everyone will continue to check back I am clearing out the clutter, I am finding all kinds of blog treats to share in the future!!

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  1. Gotta love how once you have kids every holiday is thier's! I still get a present from my grandma on my mom's b-day ;)!! GREAT pics cake turned out perfect and I love the 3 generations pic even if your mom is hiding a little! :)