Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day! && Look Who's Back!!

Happy Kick off to Summer!  After much, MUCH, thought and prayers - the Softangelkisses blog will be back up and running!  It'll be a hodgepodge though - that's just advanced warning!  The majority will be paper-crafting and gift giving (I LOVE to give), but you will also see some sewing and general "home-ec." tossed in, and - scripture, prayers, praises, devotionals - yup, that's the sole purpose!  Glorify the Lord in all you do!!  

Between school and life in general, some things had to be put on the back burner temporarily in order to merely survive!  I continued to teach at and coordinate our church's Sunday School program along side my husband, all the while working 40+ hours a week, doing approximately 20-35 hours of clinicals a week, going to school, studying for comps, boards, and that's not including the normal day to day being a wife, momma, and all the house and family roles that fall into place there!  I am blessed to say that I have graduated school and am now prayerfully seeking a new position as a Nurse Practitioner - keep me in your prayers as I embark this new journey, please.

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