Thursday, March 19, 2009

Running Wide Open...

You know what happens when you run wide open? If you are anything like me, it makes you more forgetful. For example, this morning I left my badge in my car and had to trek back to get it and this evening I left some papers in work that I will have to go in early tomorrow to retrieve...
Another running wide open example is my next project, a scrapbook page of Abby's birthday. I am running wide open on these because I am struggling to get them completed. I know that I will probably never be "caught up", but I would like to get these finished before I start working on her next scrapbook. I am also going to challenge myself to make a page from before she was a year old or a page before she turned 2, every week to get those scrapbooks more up to date!

God Bless You,


  1. What a sweet layout. And I hear you on getting caught up. I don't think I EVER will!

  2. Adorable layout and picture of Abby! I can't believe how she's growing up. Love your blog makeover, it's so neat looking!