Saturday, December 8, 2007

Cookie Swap

Today was my first ever cookie swap, and guess what? I LOVED it! We had a blast!

I think that I had a pretty good turn out for the first time... 9 people not including myself! My mother-in-law would not come, but maybe next year - I did take her some cookies from it though!!

We played the left right game and it was a blast!

Ruby made some awesome pumpkin cookies, they were so moist and gooey... Aunt Joanna's special crispy treats packed a suprise that was oh so good... Granny ReJeana and Kelly brought some cream cheese fingers that I could have ate the whole tray of... Stephanie's first attempt at no bake cookies was definately a success - even Gary Joe loved them... Renee's smores...oh my goodness... Linda's brittle didn't turn out that well, but love her heart, it may have been because she was following 2 recipes instead of one! Michiyo's Christmas rock cookies were not only perfectly tastey, but perfectly packaged as well! Mam brought sugar cookies with the prettiest red and green sprinkles imaginable!

Here are some pics from the event:

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