Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Friday

Okay, I realize that we will be starting off pure sucky, but the best is yet to come!Keep in mind before you run with bordom, I am 39 weeks preggo, on bedrest, and have an impacted wisdom tooth that I can't get cut out until March 7th!

Today is Friday, (duh) and the start of a long weekend for a lot of people with President's Day coming up on Monday. Personally, I think the post offices and banks just needed ANOTHER reason to be closed...

I will be adding more soon! Things to look for in the next month...

  • Cards, Scrapbooking, other Paper Crafting
  • Abby Updates!
  • Blogger Candy offers for the loyals! Keep your eyes open!


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  2. Hi!

    You just welcomed me at SCS (daizygirl), so I thought I would welcome you to Blogger! I just started a blog a couple of months ago myself.

    Happy Blogging! (I should really come up with a card for that!)


    P.S. Sorry about the other comment...something wierd happened!

  3. Congrats! On both Abby and your new blog! I've just started one about a month ago...they are fun!

  4. followed you over from SCS and just wanted to say how very happy i am to see that you're 39 weeks! take care of yourself, and here's hoping for a good delivery!

  5. I also followed you over from scs, and am also on bedrest, for other less happy reasons. Sky high blood pressure. I slept too much today and can't sleep tongiht! I am also from Kentucky, far western ky. Can we tell where we are from here, is it safe? I have never done this, had to create a blog just to post. Don't have anything on it! But wanted to tell you I am still praying for you and baby Abby. I just had a round with a tooth last week, alot in common except I am not pregnant! Safe and warm thoughts to you and baby abby!

  6. great new will get the hang of it...they are fun but at times a bit tedious. I tend to forget to make new posts. However, I never forget to post on SCS. lol

    Hugs for you and prayers for Abbey to arrive soon!