Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Change is in the Air...

What you may ask?  Oh, just some things I have been praying about ;o)  And you will find out soon!  The announcment will be made on my blog in a few days, and I can't "wait wait wait" (in the words of my 4 year old)!
For now, let's look at some crafty goodness that has happened in this ole house...
Hmmm, do you see what I see?  Lovely little crocheted eggs that were the cutest Easter decorations and oh so easy to make!  I simply googled for a youtube tutorial on crocheted eggs!  I could whip one - two of these up on the way to work of the morning and another one - two on the way home (on days I rode with my hubby, of course)!
Oh, and those pretty ruffles in the other photo you may ask?  That would happen to be my new homemade camera strap color!  Sooo easy and I think I'm in love :o)

So, not your typical paper-crafting post most are accustomed to from this blog...  I think I like it!  :o)

God Bless You,

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  1. love the eggs and the camera strap... willing to share instructions or links??