Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blogger Candy - Pay It Forward!

There is a blogger pay it forward going around. It goes like this. I have three goodies. I will send them to the first people who leave a comment on this post. By doing so you agree to send three goodies to three people who comment on your blog. (so yea, you have to have a blog to play, sorry non-bloggers, I love you guys too!)

The things you give away can be anything, supplies, stamps, hand made items, whatever you like. It can even be a suprise.I am giving away three grab "envies" if you will, but I will not be sure of what until I have time to look upstairs tomorrow evening! If you are up for a mystery blog package and have a blog --the first 3 to comment will win!! Please email me with your address at

I really like this concept and it sounds like it will give me a good chance to share some of my overabundance of stash, so check back often, I plan to do this more frequently!


  1. What a fun concept! Have fun with your game! When things slow down for me school wise I am gonna have to sucker you into helping me make a blog!!

  2. Your comment is much appreciated! Thank you! I'm glad I could be an encouragement.