Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rolodex Cards and Prepping for Crop Night

I know I had intentions of sharing a card today, but let me tell you, my scrapbook room is TOO COLD to sit up here and make a card right now!!

Here is my spin on the rolodex card craze - I used scrap paper to cover my cards and various embellishments that I had left overs of and used the cards to put my Bible Verses on!!

Here are a few of them:

Oh, and as far as how I get ready for crop night...enter the new large ZIPLOCK bags our Wal-Mart has started carrying! I take one of these for every page I either have an idea for in my head or that I want to CASE. If it is a cased page I print off a basic deisgn or layout on the internet, if it is my own deisgn I sketch it out - then I place those papers in their own individual bags. Throughout the week between crop night I add things in my bags as I find them - ribbons, papers, pictures, accessories, etc. Then the night before crop night I look over my bags to see which are the most complete and ready to go. I place those in my take pile and the others I either work on finishing up or place them in a pile for another week! For me it's the best way to make sure I don't wind up just sitting down there like the first time I went!!

I also make a little list of other things (cards, swaps, etc ) that need worked on in case I am not in the mood to scrap!!
By the way, I will share what I get done at crop night this weekend!

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